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Resources for
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Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us...

 - Rumi

A Supportive Hug
Tips for Mental Health, Social Workers, & Family Advocates
Ways to Help a Highly Intuitive Kid
Signs a Highly Intuitive Child Needs Professional Help
How High Intuition Can Mimic Other Diagnosis
Referring Parents, Caregivers, and Kids for Support

What You Should Know

Consultations BEFORE Final Diagnosis Available

If you suspect that you have encountered a highly intuitive child and would like a phone or Zoom consultation with us.

send an email request to:

Peer to Peer Mentoring Available

We have online peer to peer mentoring available through our Facebook community.

Families can ask questions and receive support from other parents in the open forum and online Parent MeetUps.

We welcome you to join our community as well.

This Website is a Valuable Resource

You can refer families to the resource section of this website. 

There are many books, videos, articles, and recommended techniques to help families and caregivers increase their understanding about parenting and supporting their highly intuitive kid.

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