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Types of Intuitives 

Intuitive children with highly tuned sensory perceptions display their gifts in what our cultures might think are unconventional ways.

Intuitive Intelligence is a system of processing information that arrives spontaneously  beyond intellectually known information, or evident thought. Every human has an intuitive processing system. Like any intelligence, different people will have varying degrees of strength.


Intuition is a talent or ability to grasp or understand spontaneous perception, feeling, or information. This talent would be a strength of the intuitive intelligence range.

- Caron Goode, EDD and Tara Paterson the authors of

Raising Intuitive Children: Guide Your Children To Know And Trust Their Gifts


All intelligences exist on a continuum of normal to gifted. Highly intuitive kids are on the gifted side.

  • Creative and inspired artist - children who are creative and artistic and intuition drives their motivation (Artistic drive for exploring and creating)​​

Creative Intuitive - Inspired, inventive, creative, follows inner music, ideas, and actions motivated by internal genius. Can daydream, be distracted, learns to focus, and learns through experimentation

  • Sensitive and empathic feelers - children whose intuitive intelligence is like a radar reading other people and understanding them (Empathy and interpersonal skills)

Empathic Intuitive - Reads others, feels others, defines self in relation to others. Needs boundaries, emotional management skills, self-identification, and confidence.​

  • Talents involving inner psychic awareness - children who are psychic (Awareness of non-physical worlds through all senses or a specific sense.)

Psychic Intuitive - Expanded awareness of the nonphysical worlds or subtle energy fields through receptors in the biochemistry. Exhibits talent of subtle knowing, hearing, seeing, telepathy, and other talents.​

  • Spiritual intuitive - children with a deeper understanding of life and the ability to connect with the bigger picture.


Spiritual Intuitive - Intuition serves kids with spiritual intelligence as the doorway and interpreter to connection with inner worlds.​

  • Physical Prowess - children who learn through feelings and process information kinesthetically. (Intuitive learning mode)

Physical Prowess Enhanced by Intuitive Intelligence - Learns by doing, has exceptional kinesthesia, motor skills, sense of timing, and movement with the body.​

  • Intuitive episodes - children who have intuitive episodes like dreams or a flash of creative insight (Deep insight, precognition)

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