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Who Are These Kids
Kindergarten Guide

Every child is intuitive and has empathic capabilities, however, some kids experience these abilities to a greater degree and more often. Highly intuitive kids are born with supercharged intuitive and empathic capabilities that are always “turned on.” It is a trait they cannot turn off.

Highly intuitive kids are naturally equipped with the ability to sense the subtleties of life both the seen and unseen. They bring wisdoms, abilities, understandings, and insights needed to meet and exceed the challenges of their times.

When given the proper support, they will flourish into

  • trailblazers

  • thought provokers

  • visionaries

  • healers  

  • peacemakers and

  • communicators of tomorrow.


They are the gatekeepers opening the door to a future that takes things farther than previous generations.

Children's Race

These kids will pave the way to a greater path forward as—

  • future industry innovators;

  • peacemakers;

  • global stabilizers;

  • justice seekers;

  • leaders of business, technology, faith, and the arts;

  • spiritual healers;

  • communicators;

  • mediums and all things leading humanity to heights that never existed previously.

It’s time for us to fully appreciate and embrace what highly intuitive kids bring to each new generation.

Often MISUNDERSTOOD…these children are equipped differently. They have extrasensory abilities, so they process life differently. They behave differently. They think differently. They talk differently.  Because…. they ARE different. They are highly intuitive, empathic, creative, physically, and spiritually gifted.

Sporty Teens

A connected, respected, honored, and unhindered highly intuitive and empathic child becomes an amazing highly intuitive and empathic adult who makes evolutionary contributions toward the advancement of humanity and the world. 

Group Portrait
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