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High Fives

Referring Parents, Caregivers, & Kids for Support

I believe the world is one big FAMILY, and we all need to HELP each other.

- Jet Li

3 Ways We Can Help You


  • Refer parents and caregivers to this website and community for support from people who understand and can relate to their experiences. 

  • Kids need a supportive network so they have a better understanding of how special they are and how to manage the stressors associated with their abilities.



  • Please refer families to the list of resources on this website to help get them started.

  • Families need access to good resources like the ones found here to gain a better understanding about their highly  intuitive child's behavior and to gain more awareness of the type of parenting support their child needs.

  • The resources found here will be continually updated as more helpful information is discovered or becomes available.


  • Refer parents to our Highly Intuitive Kids Facebook community it is a great place to start making connections. We offer a forum where people can ask questions, seek advice, and get the support they need. 

  • Our community is a great way to build a support network. Through participation in our online events, Q&A sessions, and information sessions. Families will know they are not alone. 

  • Families can request to join our community's peer-to-peer mentoring so they can work with someone one-on-one who can help answer questions and share their own personal experiences. We are all in this together. They can email us at

  • Establish a local in-person support network. Create a local meet up group for families to get together in person in your area. Then share your story with us so we can share on our blog and in our Facebook community. We want others to know about your group

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