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Types of Empaths

Ordinary empathy means our hearts goes out to another when they are going through a difficult period. It also means we can be happy for others during their times of joy. 

As an empath, you actually sense other people's emotions, energy, and physical symptoms in your body without the usual filters that most people have. You can experience other people's sorrow and joy. Empaths are supersensitive to other people's voice and body movements. They can hear what is not being said in words but communicated nonverbally and through silence. Empaths feel things first, then think, which is opposite of how most people function in our overintellectualized society. There is no membrane that separates empaths from the world.

Empaths can sense subtle energy and absorb this energy into their bodies. This allows empaths to experience the energies (prana) around them in extremely deep ways. Since everything is made of subtle energy, including emotions and physical sensations, they energetically internalize the feelings, pain, and various physical sensations of others. They often have trouble distinguishing someone else's discomfort from their own.

Some empaths have profound spiritual and intuitive experiences. Some are even able to communicate with animals, nature, and their inner guides.

- Judith Orloff, MD, a physician specializing in treating empaths and sensitive people, and New York Times bestselling author of

The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People

Sitting on the Floor

Physical Empaths - They are especially attuned to other people's physical symptoms and tend to absorb them into their body. They can also become energized by someone's sense of well-being.​

Emotional Empaths - They mainly pick up other people's emotions and can become a sponge for their feelings, both happy and sad.

Intuitive Empaths - They experience extraordinary perceptions such as heightened intuition, telepathy, messages in dreams, animal and plant communication, as well as contact with the Other Side. The following includes the different types and how they function:  

  • Telepathic Empaths received intuitive information about others in present time.

  • Precognitive Empaths have premonitions about the future while awake or dreaming.

  • Dream Empaths are avid dreamers and can receive intuitive information from dreams that helps others and guides them in their own lives.

  • Mediumship Empaths can access spirits on the Other Side.

  • Plant Empaths can feel the needs of plants and connect with their essence.

  • Earth Empaths are attuned to changes in our planet, our solar system, and the weather.

  • Animal Empaths can tune in to animals and communicate with them.

A person or child can be one or more of the above types.

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