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Stages of Development for Highly Intuitive Kids

Humans have always been intuitively connected throughout time. However, the newer generations of children are more evolved, aware, gifted, and able to tap into the realm of intuition and empathy more easily than we have ever seen before.

Because of this parents, caregivers, and others are beginning to take notice and realize these amazing young souls need our support in new and different ways than has been traditionally provided at home and school.

Every stage of childhood for a highly intuitive kid can bring with it new abilities. Understanding this and how these abilities can commonly present themselves will help you to better support your child as he or she grows.

The first thing we as parents and guiding adults have to realize is that these kids are whole beings who have to be taught a balance of how to navigate their developmental abilities in both their physical environments from potty training to going to school to getting a summer job while also teaching them early on the developmental skills needed to understand, ground, balance, and set boundaries with their intuitive and empathic abilities.

Adults must recognize that these abilities are real and that highly intuitive kids open up in stages. As kids grow their intuitive and empathic abilities develop and grow with them. The ability or abilities they have today may not be the same as they will have next year because as their ability opens (called an awakening) it can unlock more abilities and they can open up pretty fast. Where they are now may change as they grow and may not be where they are going to end up later on.

To understand what you are dealing with you must understand what abilities your child may be experiencing at that point.

Below is a brief summary of the core intuitive abilities your child may have.

  • Clairsentience is the art of intuitive feeling.

  • Clairaudience is the art of intuitive hearing.

  • Clairvoyance is the art of intuitive seeing.

  • Claircognizance is the art of intuitive knowing.

  • Mediumship is the ability to communicate with those who have died.

  • Channeling is the art of receiving intuitive information via another entity usually an ascended being or spiritual master. This can come through writing, music, art, or other creative expressions. It can also be a whole body experience.

  • Remote viewing is the ability to see things far away as if you were there in person.

  • Astral projection is the ability to move their consciousness to different places while their bodies stay put. It’s a different and deeper state than dreaming.

  • Energy healing is the ability to use energy to heal with their hands or through distance.

  • Spiritual advancement is the gift of deep spiritual knowledge.

  • Premonition is the ability to predict future events or occurrences.

  • Past life recall is the ability to recall detailed memories of life events that pre-date their birth.

  • Empathy is the ability to tune in to how another person is feeling by registering those feelings through their own body as if they were their own feelings.

  • Other abilities can develop. Be open to your child’s experiences. People are constantly evolving with each generation so new abilities can come into existence at any time.

Children can have more than one on the list above or be stronger in one ability versus another. Whatever they are gifted with will be theirs to develop and use as they grow. As a parent, it’s important to educate yourself about these abilities and pay attention—listen to your child so you can help them understand their experiences.

How Abilities Commonly Present Themselves at Each Age

According to Sara Wiseman author of Your Psychic Child: How to Raise Intuitive and Spiritually Gifted Kids of All Ages, children develop in the following stages.

Ages 2-3: Your child is fully open and naturally intuitive. As your child begins to talk they may recall and reference the details of events that pre-date their birth. Research shows that 75% of children who recall past life information will usually talk about their previous death especially if it occurred in a traumatic way. Over time these memories usually fade.

Ages 3-5: Your child is still fully open and naturally intuitive. This is a great time to start introducing intuitive concepts easily and naturally just like you would any other developmental activity like brushing your teeth or getting dressed. At this point, you want to introduce them to an intuitive vocabulary (see the list above for a starting point) to help them describe their experiences.

At this stage…

  • Can’t concentrate for long periods of time

  • May be afraid of ghosts, monsters, and the dark

  • Can sense energy

  • Telepathy, mediumship, and healing abilities may become apparent

Ages 6-8: All of the above skills for ages 3-5 and more. These are the prime years for gentle teaching by parents and caregivers. Kids are open and interested. They have the intellectual development to master more tasks.

At this stage…

  • Can concentrate for longer periods of time.

  • More awareness and possibly more interaction with energy and energetic entities like departed loved ones, spirit guides, and angels.

  • At this age, children can work with energy with the same intensity—not duration—as adults.

  • Other abilities may start to emerge.

Ages 9-12: All the same abilities as younger kids along with emerging traits. Training from parents can get trickier at this stage the older your child gets. As your child approaches their preteens, it may be harder to see what skills are emerging. Your child is still open and may be developing new skills but may not be open to sharing them with you. This is normal. Children start to separate from their parents and begin to identify with their peers more which is a normal and natural desire for them.

At this stage…

  • Can concentrate longer

  • May have a direct connection with the Divine

  • Emerging spirituality

  • Books and media have an influence

  • Can use intuitive skills in daily life

  • Can do healing

  • Can work with energy

  • May hide abilities from peers or others

Parents--by already setting up the concept of intuition, empathy, and spirituality are accepted and welcome in your home and useful in daily life, your child will use the skills naturally when they occur and be more comfortable and open to sharing when ready.

Ages 13-15: Your child is no longer a child. Most kids at this age are worldly and more sheltered than kids from previous decades. Through access to the media, internet, and music, children are exposed to alcohol, drugs, sex, and violence but are still protected and chauffeured around by their parents.

At this stage…

  • Are peer-based

  • Don’t want to be different from others

  • Have a strong ability to concentrate

  • Have a direct connection with the Divine

  • Have an independent spirituality

  • Can do many intuitive skills without strain

  • Have the intuitive abilities of adults—just not the experience

  • Can do healing

  • May delve into darker energies

Ages 16 and Older: Kids may not even use or acknowledge their abilities. At this age, your child may benefit from outside training if he or she expresses an interest. This is the time to send them to a meditation class, take them to hear speakers, and go to workshops or expos on the topics of metaphysics, spirituality, intuitive, and empathic abilities. Allow him or her to attend the church of their choosing sometimes to help them explore what feels right for them. At this age watch for an interest in cults.

They are adults in training and starting to learn their soul lessons. The time for parental control is basically over but the time for parental support is still ongoing.

At this stage…

  • Are peer-based

  • Desire to be independent of their parents

  • Have concentration skills that can be intense

  • Have distractibility levels that are high

  • Can easily have a direct connection with the Divine—but don’t always want it

  • Have independent spirituality

  • Can do all intuitive skills, including healing

  • May explore smoking, drinking, drugs, and sex

  • May delve into darker energies

While it’s exciting to see that your child has intuitive and empathic gifts, it’s important to keep it in perspective. It’s more important that you work on your relationship with your child as he or she navigates their experiences. Accept your child. Love your child. Provide them with the understanding, security, and safety they crave. Know that you are and will always be the most important influence on your child throughout their entire life.

As parents, caregivers, educators, supporters, and advocates for these children, we have to realize that they are here for growth as a person and as a soul. They are here to figure out how THEY want to use their abilities to contribute to the greater good of society and humanity. They are not here to become celebrities or be pushed into doing readings for people. Not every highly intuitive person is meant to be a practicing medium but instead use their intuitive and empathic skills to excel and be the best in their chosen vocation or calling whether it’s in the field of art, music, technology, business, leadership, medicine, spirituality, etc.

Educating yourself about intuitive abilities, connecting with your own, and understanding your child’s stages of development is key to how you can support them and successfully parent and guide your highly intuitive child. You will set them up with a foundation and skills that will benefit them throughout the rest of their lives.

Check out these valuable resources below. They are listed in the Resources section on our Highly Intuitive Kids website ( and can be purchased at

We hope you found this information beneficial. As always, our goal is to provide parents, caregivers, educators, and other professionals with information and tools to better understand and support our highly intuitive kids so they can thrive in all environments.

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Peace & Blessings,

Ellen Edmondson

Founder & Creator, Highly Intuitive Kids –

Ellen is a highly intuitive mom to an amazing 12-year-old highly intuitive son who was featured on the A&E Psychic Kids show in 2019 and Inside Edition in January 2022. She is a medium, spirit artist, intuitive coach, and advocate for families with highly intuitive kids. You can view her other work at

Ellen is available for consultations and guest speaking. She can be reached at

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