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Highly Intuitive Kids 2023!

Updated: Apr 6

We're looking forward to what this new year will hold for our highly intuitive kids of all ages everywhere.

In 2023, there continues to be growing awareness of intuition's important role in our lives. As a result, more people are actively seeking ways to connect to the power of their intuition, which is available for us to access and use to enrich ourselves in our everyday lives.

As adults discover the powerful benefits of strengthening this connection and that our intuitive experiences provide us with inspiration, guidance, and divine messages from the universe, it turns our attention to how we can better support our children with their intuitive connection.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. ~Albert Einstein

All kids are born intuitive and have this trait to varying degrees. Our highly intuitive kids are more sensitive to energy and have heightened intuition and empathy. However, once these children enter the world of reasoning and education, it teaches them to value thinking logically over trusting their intuitive abilities. Unfortunately, they are trained to ignore the power of the intuitive self and its significant role in their life. These kids' intuition needs to be cultivated and integrated into their everyday home and school environments to help them honor their true selves.

This year, our efforts will continue to focus on raising awareness and providing access to information and support for parents, caregivers, educators, and other professionals who work with our highly intuitive and empathic children. We will continue to open up conversations that help educate all about the need to support the wholeness of these kids, so they are better understood and not falsely labeled.

When our highly intuitive children disconnect from their intuitive self, they grow to be disconnected adults who have to relearn how to embrace their wholeness again.

We will help people understand the trait of high intuition and its role in the social-emotional well-being of our highly intuitive kids. By making them aware of how this heightened sensitivity presents itself in our children, how to help them embrace and navigate it, and how it can be supported as part of their learning at home and school.

It's time we—parents and educators—discuss the learning models in our education system and identify ways to support the intuitive learning style better. We must teach people how to honor, embrace, and accept the gift of these sensitivities, whether it presents advanced creative abilities in the arts or any field, physical abilities, intellectual abilities, or sixth sense (psychic) abilities.

This year, we will continue to bring in experts and guest speakers on various topics to support helping families navigate their child's intuitive talents. In addition, we will continue to have more normalizing conversations by sharing our stories and offering more solutions to assist families and help them advocate for changes in the best interest of their highly intuitive child.

Our goal is to:

  • Remove the stigma of being different

  • Raise awareness and reduce labeling and misdiagnoses

  • Empower these children to be their authentic selves with adult understanding and support.

  • Honor the intuitive self

  • Help our highly intuitive children thrive.

When these kids are misunderstood, it stifles their spirit. It robs the world of what it could experience through our young's inspirations, innovations, and wisdom.

Our community will serve as a continuous wake-up call and reminder that we must remember and honor the gift.

Let's continue educating ourselves, exploring, advocating, and supporting our highly intuitive children (and adults). Let's keep our young walking in their wholeness. Let's help change our world for the better, one child, one person at a time.

We invite parents, caregivers, educators, mental health professionals, or supporters in any capacity to join our efforts to help educate others and advocate for incremental systemic changes that embrace a better future for our highly intuitive children everywhere.

For more information, please visit our website:

and join our Facebook group: Highly Intuitive Kids – Parent Community:

Also, check out the Resources section on our website. You will find recommended books, videos, online articles, and other helpful information. Here are two books to get you started. Both can be purchased on Amazon by clicking the link below.

You can also reach out to learn more about our vision and mission or partner with us. You can send inquiries to

Make sure you join our Highly Intuitive Kids - Parent Community to learn about upcoming events, workshops, and meet-ups. Please click the button above.

Peace & Blessings,

Ellen Edmondson

Founder of Highly Intuitive Kids

Highly intuitive mom to an amazing 12-year-old highly intuitive son who was featured on the A&E Psychic Kids show in 2019 and Inside Edition in January 2022.

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