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Stop Hiding

Out of the mouth of babes comes pure truth. I will never forget the day my son said to me...“Mom, I can’t be me until you be you—STOP HIDING”. It was a wake-up call from the Universe through my 8 year old child telling me I have to model for him what I’m asking him to do—to love and accept his abilities and himself.

I am a highly intuitive adult who grew up steeped in a religion—Catholicism. I always felt different but never had the words or understanding of why I felt, knew, and heard certain things that others did not. I kept quiet about this and buried what I was experiencing.

After becoming an adult, having my son, and the experiencing the death of my mother--my abilities and his began awakening at the same time. He was around 2 years old when we really noticed something unique was happening. However, I could not fully help or understand my son’s experiences until I understood what was going on with me. I had to go on a personal journey of accepting my abilities, embracing them, and overcoming the limitations I gathered from growing up in my old belief system.

After that wake-up call my son gave me, I made a promise to the Universe to do whatever I need to do to help my child live authentically. This means modeling my own authenticity and living my truth out in the open for my son to see. I vowed I would STOP HIDING so my parenting words and my actual actions were in agreement.

Highly intuitive and empathic kids know when there is inconsistency. They see through to the truth and if it does not feel right to them they know it and act out accordingly.

It is time highly intuitive people STOP HIDING and START TALKING so our younger generation of kids can fully embrace their wholeness at the earliest possible age. This way, they can begin moving through life connected to their intuitive selves and bring the innovation of their talents to the world sooner than those who were or are in hiding like I was.

These words from my son changed the trajectory of my life and is the reason why we launched the Highly Intuitive Kids website, Facebook Parent Group, and other projects still to come.

I share my son’s parenting wisdom here because… maybe these words might serve as a wake-up call for other parents as well.

Peace & Blessings,

Ellen Edmondson

Founder & Creator,

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