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5 Ways to Support Your Highly Intuitive Kid this Summer

School is out for the summer. This is the perfect time to help our highly intuitive kids relax from the stressors related to the school year. It is an opportunity to help them reconnect with their authentic selves and intuitive abilities which were mostly suppressed in their classrooms and around their peers.

As you gear up for summer break, I wanted to share 5 ways we plan to support my highly intuitive son this summer to help him rest, reground, refocus, recharge, and reengage with his intuitive abilities. You may find these tips helpful too.

Tip #1 - Let your child relax as much as possible

We do not overschedule our son with activities and summer camps. We let him breathe and just “be”. Build in as much time as you can to allow your child the space to be introspective and connect back with their own internal rhythm and flow. This means allowing more self playtime or time to explore what is meaningful to them. Spending less time with other children is fine too since many highly intuitive kids have been on sensory overload in classrooms full of children, teachers, and constant activities. During the summer, we allow more space for our son to go at his own pace so he can connect with his own internal sense of well-being.

Tip #2 - Get your child outside in nature regularly to stay grounded and reconnected

We limit video games, television, and staying inside. Being outside is very important for highly intuitive kids of all ages. Nature has a natural healing energy that benefits any highly intuitive person. It is scientifically proven that our bodies absorb vitamins and minerals from the sun, fresh air purifies our bodies, and nature’s energy grounds and heightens intuitive abilities. If you live nearby water like a beach, lake, pond, or river, this source can bring calmness, grounding, and healing to children with high intuition. Water is a powerful energy source. Even setting up a sprinkler in the backyard, visiting a local pool, or a day trip to the park with water will have a positive effect on resetting and connecting intuitively. My son and I spend a lot of time at the park fishing during the summer.

"Empath Affirmation - I will embrace my sensitivities and take time to rest and recharge. I will express my needs with supportive people. I will not hide my gifts. I will be authentic. I will stand in my power. I am proud to be a sensitive and loving person." – Dr. Judith Orloff

Tip #3 - Incorporate fun intuition building exercises into your summer routine.

We practicing simple exercises to help our son reconnect and reestablish a stronger trust in his intuitive abilities. Playing games that use your child's intuition is a time when parents and caregiver can show their support and help a child understand that their gifts are special. Exercising and honoring their talents helps the child embrace this important part of who they are and how they see and move through the world.

Below are some simple and practical exercises you can try with your child to build their intuitive muscle. Keep it light and fun. They are not in training just learning to engage with their abilities and to trust themselves.

Simple Exercises:

  • Lay playing cards (Uno, Old Maid, regular deck) face down on a table. Everyone playing should clear their mind then pick a card. Focus on that card before it is turned over. Try to sense the color on the card then guess the color. Check results. Pick another card and try again. After trying to sense the color a few times, move on to guess other features like the number or pictures.

  • Toss a coin and guess whether it will land on “heads” or “tails” before it hits the ground. Check your results.

  • Put colored marbles in a bag. Reach into the bag and pick one without looking at it. Hold it in your hand then guess the color. Check the results.

  • Draw pictures or tell stories about an invisible playmate, angel, or anything that scares or interests them. Art is a great form of expression for children of any age.

Note: If you want a good resource with lots of practical exercises, check out the book The Sixth Sense of Children by Litany Burns. It’s listed on the Highly Intuitive Kids website under Resources and it can be purchased on Amazon

Tip #4 - Continue strengthening the parent-child bond through open communications and supportive activities

We visit local crystal shops, metaphysical stores, holistic fairs and festivals as a family. Doing these activities together helps strengthen our family bond and keeps our lines of communication open about intuitive topics and experiences. Parents can read a book on a metaphysical topic with your child. Take a yoga, art, or dance class, meditation session, workshop or retreat together. Let your child know it is okay to be who they are and that the door is always open for him or her to talk to you about their experiences. Your child’s abilities will unfold at their own pace so keep conversations supportive without pushing, pressuring or judgment. This reassures your child they are supported, heard, and loved for who they are and how they are. It helps to normalize their experiences and lets them know they are not weird or alone.

Tip #5 - Connect your child with supportive friends and family members

All children need supportive people around them. Especially children who have a uniqueness that others do not understand. Take advantage of opportunities to connect your child with other children or family members like them and who they can relate to. This enables the child to feel comfortable and not have to hide their talents. They can ask questions, have conversations, and be authentic with their intuitive abilities. This is very important to a child. He or she will find these connections comforting and reassuring. It will help improve their self-confidence, self-esteem, and let them know there are other people with high intuition just like them.

Use this link below to join our Highly Intuitive Kids -Parent Group Facebook community. Here you can meet other families with children like yours and the kids will have opportunities to meet other kids like them.

Lastly, helping our kids rest and recharge themselves during their summer break will go a long way to preparing them for the rigors of a new school year in an environment where they hide their intuitive talents to fit in. It is up to us--the parents and caregivers--to assist our children in maintaining their sense of well-being and intuitive balance as much as possible so they do not get overwhelmed and shut down their abilities.

I wishing you and your highly intuitive child a great summer break full of fun and wonderful family memories.

What do you plan to do to support your highly intuitive child this summer?

Please share in the comments.

Peace & Blessings,

Ellen Edmondson

Founder & Creator,

Mother to an amazing 12 year old highly intuitive kid who was featured on the A&E Psychic Kids show in 2019 and Inside Edition in January 2022

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