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Goodnight Kiss

Importance of Diet, Exercise, & Sleep

When it comes to raising intuitive, empathic kids, their needs can often fall outside of the basic areas that most parents would expect to deal with and body needs are no exception.

There are 3 key areas that can help strike a balance in the physical lives of highly intuitive kids:

  • diet,

  • exercise, and

  • sleep


  • When highly intuitive children don’t eat right, it can throw off their intuitive and emotional system.

  • Many highly intuitive kids are also physically sensitive when it comes to foods.

  • Overeating and undereating can be a sign of emotional and intuitive overwhelm.



  • Walking, running, dancing, or anyway your child’s feet touch the earth.

  • This is a great way to help your child stay grounded without ever having to discuss grounding.

  • Exercise is a great way to shake off the energy your child has picked up throughout the day from other people and situations.



  • Intuitive kids can possess very creative imaginations, which ramp up at bedtime.

  • Intuitive impressions and feelings will surface when outside activity settles down and the child is lying in bed.

  • Heightened sensitivity from the day and the state of arousal of their nervous system.

  • The issue with intuitive children who can’t get to sleep usually isn’t that they aren’t tired. It’s that they are experiencing intuitive and empathic overload.

  • They can easily fall asleep when they can let go of the day and have a feeling of safety.


If the feeling in the bedroom or house feels off to them or unsafe in any way it can disrupt the ease of a highly intuitive child falling asleep.


Below are some ways you can help promote a sense of safety so the child can fall asleep easier. It is important to make home energy hygiene a regular practice.


Ways to Clear the Energy in a Home 

  • Clear each room in the home using burning sage, Florida water, smudge sticks, etc.

  • Beat a drum, clap, and make music in the space

  • Call upon protection – guardian angel or protective creature to keep the child safe

  • Use prayer intentional with speaking out in the room.

  • “This is {child’s name} room and we intend for this to be a clear, loving space where he or she can play and have peaceful dreams throughout the night.”

  • Create a protection shield for the child’s bedroom that can hang above the child’s bed.

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