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Classroom Lecture
Ways to Support a Highly Intuitive Kid At School

"Real education should consist of drawing the goodness and the best out of our own students." 
                                                                                                               - Cesar Chavez

The most formative time in a child's life is from birth through puberty--the school age years. During this time, they form their basic responses to life. So it is important to identify factors that help support our children's growth and acceptance of who they are and what empowers them.

Since they spend many hours in school, it's important that they are in a supportive and empowering school environment.

Supportive Actions for Educators & School Counselors

Highly Intuitive kids often feel different from their peers although he or she may not give voice to their feelings.

Living with high intuition is not a choice. It is a trait that cannot be "turned off". Many highly intuitive kids feel MISUNDERSTOOD and suppress their abilities to "fit in". This can cause them additional stress.  

Educators and school counselors can provide reassurance, acceptance, and support of the unique perspective and insights these kids bring to the school and classroom by doing the following:

  • Allow down time way from gatherings like groups in the classroom, teams, crowded hallways, lunchrooms, and school assemblies, as needed, by the child. Gatherings can cause intuitive and empathic stressors. 

  • Honor intuitive thinking and learning styles by building in activities that allow for a slower more creative self discovery process of learning. Children with high intuition can get distracted or become spacy when they are bored or overwhelmed in the classroom.

  • Let these kids know they are not alone and there is a resource (person) available for him or her to problem-solve their intuitive and empathic stressors during the school day.


  • Be understanding, supportive, and patient. They are not "weird" or "strange". They have a different type of temperament and world view.  Being supported and understood will help these kids thrive in their school environment.

Phrases to Soothe and Support
  • You're great.

  • I'm so glad you are here.

  • You can handle it. You are resilient.

  • Go for it.

  • Your eyes shine today. You must be happy.

  • Your eyes and mouth are smiling.

  • Go ahead and ask questions. Your mind wants an answer.

  • Speak up. Your opinion is important here.

  • You matter. You make a difference.

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