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Hands Raised

Classroom Environment

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. 
                                                                                               - W.B. Yeats

The right school and classroom environment is very important to the overall success and well being of the highly intuitive child.

Occasionally, the match of teacher, and even school, is one that needs to be reviewed and possibly changed for the child to feel safe, calm, and focused on learning.


Highly intuitive kids with sensitivities are easily overwhelmed by environmental overload. The overload can be loud sounds, lights, emotional discord, mental overload, or intuitive bombardment.

When all children witness cruelty in the school, classroom, or outside in the world, it is natural for them to try to make sense of it. 

For highly intuitive children, a cruelty to a friend is a vicarious cruelty to them. When intuitive children watch the cruelty happen, they take it in through all their sensory channels and it can become lodged in their bodies. 

Not only do they see and hear it, they can also feel empathetically what it is like for the other child to be shamed, blamed, and taunted.

They can feel so deeply for the injustice of others that it can feel as though it truly is his or her own grievance.

The child can be helped with reassuring words and by reminding him or her it is not their job to hold the anger or disappointment of someone else in their body.


Highly structured, fast paced sensate classrooms can place stress on a highly intuitive child. It can cause them to zone out and not pay attention in class.

Intuitive kids benefit from regular juicy pauses of time that allow them the freedom to explore as they wish with a good book, some art, daydreaming, time outside, and even playing with friends. These pauses help them realign with the slower rhythm within.  It gives them the space to listen to their own inner guidance and express their creativity.

These kids thrive better in an environment that is not fast paced and is an open ended discovery where they can work more at their own pace with or without a team of other students.

They will find this more fun and it will feel better in their bodies when they are engaged in a learning style that is a good fit for their needs. 

Teaching Style

There needs to be a good fit between student and the teacher's style of running the classroom.


Excessive rushing in a fast paced fact based environment can make a highly intuitive child feel stressed and sick. Even to the point of experiencing headaches, stomach aches, and other pain symptoms.

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