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Children in School Bus
Challenges at School

It's important to watch for the signs of stress in a highly intuitive child at school and know specific ways to support them.

Occasionally, the match of teacher, and even school, for the child is one that needs to be reviewed and possibly changed to ensure the best fit for the child. He or she needs to feel safe, calm, and focused on learning in order to be successful.

- Catherine Crawford, The Highly Intuitive Child:

A Guide to Understanding and Parenting Unusually Sensitive and Empathic Children

Intuitive kids often have a knack for knowing how to behave and what others need from them.

They can be model students who get depended upon to help restore balance with peers who are acting out in the classroom.

However, it might be harder than it looks for the intuitive child in the classroom. 

The highly intuitive child can become fatigued from overgiving, overfeeling, doing more than is developmental appropriate, and even ramping up into adult communication skills that are better left for adults. 

In short, they can work too hard. This is especially true in classrooms where teachers and school systems aren't operating where the social and emotional needs are valued

Intuitive children tend to know these principles instinctively, and when adults and systems aren't holding up to what these children feel is possible for their friends and themselves, it can leave them feeling frustrated, angry, anxious, and sad or even lead to them acting these frustrations out in the classroom.

One of the telltale signs that a highly intuitive kid is working to hard at school with their intuitive, empathic abilities is that they fall apart when they get home

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